Goldendale Bluegrass Festival

Bluegrass festival season is about to start out here in the Pacific Northwest with one of the first being the Goldendale bluegrass festival (Fiddlin’ Under the Stars) May 29-30 in Goldendale, Washington.

Sponsored by the city of Goldendale, the festival is held in E’kone Park with dry camping available and weather that is guaranteed to be much drier and warmer than a typical spring day in Portland or Seattle. We (Urban Monroes) are playing three shows, one on Friday and two on Saturday. Other bands performing at the festival are Deadwood Revival, Ida Viper and more.

Goldendale is a two-hour drive from Portland, OR and sits just above the Columbia River Gorge with Mt. Adams looming over the skyline. It is a stunning view that by itself might be worth the trip, but with two days of bluegrass, there’s all the more reason to experience it. If any readers do happen to make it out, please stop by and say hi to the Urban Monroes! In case anyone is interested, more Pacific Northwest festivals can be found on our schedule at or