Friday photos from Mansfield Jamfest

Friday at the Mansfield Jamfest was a day filled with music and good fun. Ottawa County kicked off the day’s stage show. Bass player, Vern Brink, quietly does his job on stage. A group of his fans had t-shirts made to “help” Joe Mitchell introduce Vern. The tone of the day was set!

Veteran MC, Earl Workman, found a dancing partner to the delight of the crowd. Highway 57 put on a traditional show that left the audience asking for more.

Ohio/Michigan band, Harbourtown, followed. The band was the brainchild of the late Tony Hickman, and his son Kurt now heads the group. Eight year old Gavin Conley has become a part of Harbourtown. He is the grandson of guitar player, John Coffey. Gavin has been appearing on stage with his grandpa since he was two. He is one of those youngsters that is “eat up” by the music. He is rapidly becoming a fine guitar player and singer. Remember his name!

Host Band, Caney Creek, hit the stage with gusto. Band leader and promoter, Chris Smith, took the opportunity to thank everyone for supporting Jamfest. Junior Sisk joined Caney Creek to sing a “Sisk” song with Chris.

After the supper break the Copus Hill Reunion took place. These guys have not played together for five year’s. They played a good variety of bluegrass music.

Harbourtown’s Jeremie Cole has a surprise guest join him on stage during the evening set. He did manage to finish his song with some of his dignity intact!! Junior Sisk and Rambler’s Choice completed the day’s stage show. Chris Smith and Junior paid tribute to the late Dr. Ralph Stanley with Chris playing Stanley style banjo and both of them singing.