Former Flamekeepers move on

Tom Adams, Jesse Brock and Marshall Wilborn, fresh from their falling out with Michael Cleveland, are forming a new band and hope to hit the studio this summer.

The band doesn’t have a name, has no gigs lined up and still needs to hire fiddle and banjo players. “This is still in the very early stages,” Tom Adams told me.

The cursory announcement ends any chance Mike Cleveland had of reuniting the band after an acrimonious split a month ago. People close to both bands say Mike tried to mend fences a few weeks after the breakup, but that an agreement couldn’t be worked out. Plans for the new band started to come together about two weeks ago.

Mike, too, is trying to put together a new band and is touring in the meantime with David Peterson and other musicians he has performed with in the past.

Tom, Jesse and Marshall are all top-flight pickers and past IBMA award winners. But just as Mike Cleveland’s stage show lacks a certain spark without the trio surrounding him, these guys will have a tough time capturing the magic Mike’s fiddle brought to their efforts. That said, another top talent could make the guys the next bluegrass supergroup.

Stay tuned.

Editor’s note: Michael responded to this post via his publicist here.

  • arthur

    To read a post on the exact same topic, go to the source of this news and read Ted Lehmann’s blog and then ask yourself why Bluegrass Today has an axe to grind about this topic, why they need to use inflammatory language, why they need to insert their own agenda and sensationalism into a story about 3 life-long bluegrass musicians who’ve decided to start a band together. Do you think that any of the persons involved in this sad breakup – the musicians (Michael Cleveland, Jesse Brock, Marshall Wilborn, Jesse Brock and Charlie Cushman), their families, fans, promoters and on & on – like to see you write such unwarranted and irresponsible nonsense?

  • derekanjo

    Okay. Either tell us what went down or don’t drop so many hints that this was a bad split. If you want to talk about it in private that’s fine. But it’s pretty much implied here for the general public that MC caused the split, when who caused it doesn’t matter. This post needs to be about the new band.