Flatt Lonesome accident update

Remains of the automobile that Michael Stockton and Dominic Illingworth were drivingWe have a learned a bit more about the auto accident that occurred on Saturday (8/1) involving two members of Flatt Lonesome. The best news is that both Dominic Illingworth and Michael Stockton are doing well, have been released from the hospital, and are safely back at home in Murfreesboro, TN.

Michael and Dominic were on their way to PreddyFest on Saturday, driving in Franklinton, NC on Highway 56. Just as the two turned onto 56, driving in a vehicle belonging to bandmates Paul and Kelsi Harrigill, the car was struck on the driver’s side by another vehicle. They were T-boned with the other car striking the driver’s door, just a few minutes away from the festival site.

Both were taken to Duke University Hospital, where Dominic was treated for bruising and released. Michael, who was driving at the time of the accident, was admitted for overnight observation and released on Sunday. He suffered a concussion and a cracked rib.

Fortunately, the driver and passengers in the car that struck them also escaped without injury.

Given the thousands of miles travelled every week by our large bluegrass family, it’s a true wonder that we don’t hear more stories like this. We should all be thankful for modern automobile safety technology, and professional rescue operations. Not to mention capable medical care available in our top facilities.

A big hug to Flatt Lonesome and all the other artists that run the roads to bring us the bluegrass music we love. And to all the fans who travel to see them!

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