Fiddlin’ Bodie Frankhouser takes the Internet by storm

The newest star on the bluegrass horizon is a 3 year old fiddler named Bodie Frankhouser.

He’s the son of Ryan Frankhouser, guitarist and bandleader for Remington Ryde based in Pennsylvania. Young Bodie comes by his bluegrass fascination naturally, having traveled with the band to a good many of their shows this past couple of years. And like most boys, when he sees dad up on stage playing, he wants to join right in.

Bodie has taken especially to the fiddle, and though he is still a bit young to actually learn to play it, he has worked on his bowing to the point that he is sawing up a storm. He regularly joins the band on stage and is a big hit with the audiences wherever they perform.

Ryan says that he doesn’t need to prompt Bodie to get his fiddle.

“All day long he watches bluegrass videos, and he will say, ‘Turn on Michael Cleveland Dad!’ He studies the music and currently is lined up with fiddle lessons, which at 3 is truly amazing.”

Now a video of he and his dad that Ryan posted on Facebook has reached over 1 million views, and still climbing.

Ryan says that once the video went viral, Hollywood came calling.

“Last Friday we got a call From the Ellen Degeneres Show. They wanted us to skype with them with Bodie so we did. It was a 30 min session. So now, they said it goes to the final department where they make the decision whether he comes on the show or not. So that was big news!!! We’ll see what happens!”

It sounds like a star is born!

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