Evie Ladin’s new release and return to IBMA

I caught up with Evie Ladin at the end of a very busy IBMA World of Bluegrass conference where she shared thoughts on her new releases, and returning to IBMA after attending ten years ago with the Stairwell Sisters.

Evie since has broken out on her own extending the old-time traditions with music she refers to on her website as neo-trad kinetic-folk. If it has to do with old-time music, she does it, be it playing, performing, calling, dancing and instructional materials. Her excellent band has settled into a formidable trio, featuring renowned percussionist/rhythm dancer Keith Terry doing bass, Body Music, and bass vocals, plus Erik Pearson from the Crooked Jades on guitar, banjo, and vocals. Evie mostly plays banjo and sings, but also dances, percusses, and plays some guitar.

Evie has a myriad of releases including a solo project, a trad CD with a bunch of different fiddlers and the latest from Evie Laden Band, Caught On A Wire. All of them can be found on the bands webstore.

Evie has a very infectious and fun energy that is best seen live as shown in this video.

The following interview was taken in a hallway at the Raleigh Marriott Hotel where the conference rooms are turned into showcase venues. It is a noisy but accurate representation of the frenetic pace that comes with the territory, with both Evie and IBMA.

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