Eddie Adcock’s not done yet

We just received this encouraging update from Martha Adcock regarding Eddie’s most recent medical procedure.

He had surgery back in January to change the battery in his brain implant, and check on some wiring issues. Complications from that procedure required another, but Martha reports that Eddie is on the mend.

“Eddie got through last Wednesday’s 5-hour brain surgery just fine, and his surgeons say it was a success.  We’ll know for sure how it went when the implant stimulator gets turned on, but even the ‘honeymoon effect’ has him playing better!  I apologize to family, friends, and fans for our being out of touch since then, but Eddie’s well-being has simply had priority of focus; and he’s needed a lot of rest this time.

Eddie had all intentions of playing our previously-booked gospel show at SPBGMA on Thursday evening in Nashville, but it just was not possible…with the head incisions and swelling, and a pinched neck nerve, he had a good deal of pain –and pain medication– afterwards, so while he was resting at Vanderbilt Hospital on Thursday evening, I was onstage, with Jimmy Bowen (mandolin), Randy Waller (guitar), Blake Bowen (bass), and Owen Piatt (banjo) filling Eddie’s spot.  We’ll be ever grateful to them for helping out, just as we are to his surgeons for all they do, and to EVERYONE for their support.”

The story of Adcock’s treatment and recovery from a brain dysfunction is a fascinating one, involving both a high-tech medical breakthrough and a story of inspiration and dedication to art, whether or not you follow bluegrass and banjo music.

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