Doyle to spread cheer and patriotism this year

Doyle Lawson has announced plans to combine several of his passions this next few months with a series of visits to major universities and children’s hospitals throughout the southeastern US.

Billed as the Children’s Hospital and Arena Tour, it will involve Doyle and the boys singing the National Anthem at the start of college basketball games, coupled with visits to the local children’s hospital to perform for the young patients and their families.

Josh Trivett, who manages Lawson & Quicksilver said that Doyle has a special soft spot for kids, and that the idea for this tour sprung from their visit to the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2010.

“After we visited Children’s Hospital of Alabama last year, their celebrity program coordinator Sherri George and I put our heads together and came up with the idea for this tour. She and I both have sports industry backgrounds, and we wanted a creative and fun vehicle to keep Doyle involved with helping kids. This tour does it all!

It’s a win-win for everyone: Doyle, the kids, and teams and arenas where DLQ performs the National Anthem. Plus, it’s unique and a total blast for everyone. No one has ever put together a tour quite like this before, so we’re excited for the exposure bluegrass will be getting in front of huge sports arena audiences, and we’re really pumped for the help we get to be to kids in the hospitals.”

Doyle  especially enjoyed spending time with the children.

“We did a Main Lobby concert for the hospital in Birmingham last year, then room-to-room visits. We stayed seven hours singing and saying hello to all the kids that wanted us to see! But what a great way to spend a day. Good feeling, and we look forward to more days like that as we start the Tour this year.”

George says that this special tour is a natural pairing of music and the attempt to highlight the services that Child Life Departments provide in children’s hospitals across the US.

“Child Life Departments work to help ease the emotional stress and trauma of children who are hospitalized, and Doyle’s music works fabulously with that objective in mind, from the up-tempo fun numbers like Sadie and the new Gone at Last, to gospel songs with a powerful, touching message like Help Is On the Way. We had amazing experiences with DLQ last year as they sang Help Is on the Way a cappella all over the hospital in Birmingham. The impact Doyle and his band have to touch lives and hearts, and to provide comfort, is the reason we’re doing this tour.”

For Doyle, it is a perfect combination, allowing him to share his deep love for his country and his affection for young people, while taking bluegrass music to new audiences at the same time.

“Singing the National Anthem at the UT-FL men’s basketball game was a blast. Fans shook our hands and voiced their approval as we made our way back to our seats to watch the game.  Many commented that it was the best version of our National Anthem they had ever heard. I was honored to do it!”

Quicksilver is slated to visit Nashville and Vanderbilt University on February 10, and Mississippi State University in Starkville on March 5. Further details about this special tour can be obtained by contacting Sherri George by email.

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