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John Ratzenberger’s Made In America is a popular television program on the cable network, Travel Channel. The show journeys to sites all over the United States to highlight businesses, both large and small, who manufacture products here in America. A key ingredient in the show is the diverse range of companies they profile, along with their attempt to capture the nature of the personalities involved.

Just recently, the Made In America crew was in Spring Valley, CA at the Deering Banjos factory, shooting for a segment for the upcoming season. Janet Deering was enthusiastic about their visit.

“Yes, they were here filming all day on Dec. 6th and it will air sometime in the Spring of 2006. It takes them about 4 months to finish up a segment and get it on the air.

They are a wonderful crew of people and we really enjoyed the time with spent with John Ratzenberger. He is going to learn to play the banjo and his camera man is learning also. We had a great time together.”

Deering has maintained production of their entire line in California, resisting the trend to send manufacture of lower cost instruments, like their Goodtime Banjo line, to offshore facilities.

Video previews of upcoming episodes are posted on the show’s web site. Nothing there yet about the Deering segment, but perhaps that will appear as the air date draws near.

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