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The best laid plans of mice and men…

Veteran bluegrass singer Darrin Beachley had fully intended to dedicate himself to a new career in the medical field. Sure, he loved the bluegrass life, but the allure of regular paychecks and company benefits at a day job found the former Quicksilver guitarist announcing his retirement from the road last winter.

But he couldn’t make it a year before bluegrass called him back. Beachley told us yesterday that he has worked out a way to do both: keep a band touring while retaining his management position in Maryland.

“I am coming back to the music full-time. After some serious negotiating with my job at Frederick Memorial Hospital, they have decided to support me in pursuit of my music by letting me continue to keep my job with whatever hours I can work, and keep my full-time benefits. My boss at FMH really surprised me by supporting the plan that I put together. I did a lot of research into the policies of the hospital, and came up with plan that he agreed to and supported.

With that being said, The Darren Beachley Band is back going after it full blast with a lineup that I am so happy with: Shayne Bartley, Greg Luck, Elmer Burchett and Marshall Wilborn. Shayne and Greg have been with me through all the transition of the last year or two. We are really great friends and I really cherish having them as part of the band.

Elmer started out by just filling in, and the more I have gotten to know him the more I have grown attached to this guy. He is INCREDIBLE writer and entertainer, and he just signed on full-time.

Marshall Wilborn will be here as I like to say, ‘When Marshall wants to be here, and his commitment to Longview doesn’t get in the way.” When Marshall can’t be with us, I have been using Adam Seale who has made a few trips with us, including our last outing to Colorado for High Mountain Hay Fever.

So… after some trial and changes, I am back where my heart is.”

Here’s a live video of the band, shot this past June at the Lincoln County Bluegrass & Gospel Festival in West Virginia.


Darren said that plans for a new album are already in the works.

“We will be in the studio next month recording a wide variety of material.

We are also looking to add dates for 2013 and beyond, and can booked through the bands website, or by calling 240-285-0055.”

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