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Musicians BeltMusicians Belt, who for years has been offering high-quality no-scratch leather belts for string musicians, has announced a new program. The company now has a laser engraver in the shop, allowing them to cut custom logos into plain leather belts, and even add color to the engraving.

This will be available for large or small orders, so music stores or clothiers could offer branded belts without buckles to their customers, as could bands, festivals, or venues. All Musicians Belts are custom-sized, with a pair of small metal prongs on the back of the leather “buckle” holding it closed. The lack of a metal buckle of any kind prevents the “belt buckle rash” so common on the backs of banjos, guitars, or mandolins played regularly while wearing a traditional buckled belt.

A good many of your favorite bluegrass entertainers rely on this product, as you can see on the company web site. And they are available to anyone in a variety of widths, lengths, and styles. Since they are custom cut to the length you specify, odd sizes are no problem.

Musicians Belts are also ideal for mechanics who work around fine vehicle finishes, or electricians who worry about damaging walls and furniture crawling around.

You can see how the belts work in this brief video…


Full details can be found online.

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