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Rhonda VincentEdward Morris has a piece up on the CMT Country Music Blog about Rhonda Vincent and her… shall we say, décolletage.

The tongue-in-cheek article is titled Deep In The Bosom Of Bluegrass, and discusses the writer’s favorable impression of Ms. Vincent’s choice in clothing – and the reaction that the cover of her 2003 CD, One Step Ahead, generated within the bluegrass community.

As one who is pure of heart, I barely took notice of Vincent’s stylistic swashbuckling until it came up at the 2003 International Country Music Conference. There, on a panel called “Country Music and Gender,” banjo player and magazine columnist Murphy Henry grouched about Vincent’s recent epidermal revelations and then flatly declared, “You don’t show cleavage in bluegrass!”

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  • Gottasmilealot

    Her Hollywood-ish photos of the last few years don’t upset me, I just think she’s taking the glamourous approach when she has enough natural beauty and musical talent that she doesn’t need to go that route to be successful.

  • iluvakus

    Well, I can say that anytime a display of skin is brought in front of me in bluegrass, I’m temporarily taken aback. I mean, it’s like a slight shock. I view bluegrass as a purity and honesty and anything that starts to hint otherwise puts a hurdle in my happy-go-lucky treck. I’m not critisizing by any means. A belly-button here, some cleavage over there, who cares? Or maybe, why should we care. They aren’t going as far as demoralizing our favorite genre. So, why even discuss it?

  • bluegrass26104

    Why did Josh Williams leave the Rhonda and the Rage?