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Chronology, Volume Three - Lonesome River BandOver the past year, the Lonesome River Band has dedicated much of their time to recording an ambitious three-disc collection celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary. For the third and final album in this collection, Chronology Volume 3, the current LRB lineup has rerecorded ten of the most popular songs from throughout the band’s history, all selected by fans in an online poll.

In general, the ten tracks on this album are faithful to the original versions, with slightly updated arrangements. The songs rang from driving, fun tunes like Whoop and Ride to more thoughtful pieces like Stray Dogs and Alley Cats, with plenty of other enjoyable songs in between. Whoop and Ride is one of the newer songs recut for this album, originally recorded on 2006’s The Road with No End with Shannon Slaughter on lead vocals. Brandon Rickman offers strong vocals on this version, and Sammy Shelor’s banjo work is on point. Stray Dogs and Alley Cats, penned by Harley Allen, is another of the album’s standout tracks. This country-influenced song shares the story of a man who hopes there’s a spot in heaven for him when it’s his time to go.

A few songs seem to have been slowed down a bit this time around. This only adds to the singer’s brokenhearted longing in Am I A Fool, but slightly takes away from the suspense in the lyrics of Harvest Time. The band speeds back up with the closing track, however, offering a fast-paced Sittin’ on the Top of the World. Rickman and Randy Jones trade back and forth on lead vocals, with Jones also providing a nice mandolin solo.

The musicianship on this album is spot on, with strong solos and rhythm throughout. Band members Shelor (banjo), Rickman (guitar), Jones (mandolin), Mike Hartgrove (fiddle), and Barry Reed (bass) are all talented musicians and showcase their skills completely on Chronology Volume 3. If this album is any indication, the Lonesome River Band will still be going strong for many more decades.

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Their new album can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and other digital music stores, as well as their own website. There’s also the option to purchase a bundle of all three Chronology albums from the band site, including a lifetime backstage pass to LRB shows – a nice touch from a band which obviously loves its fans.

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