• Losing Game – David Peterson & 1946

    Whenever an artist such as David Peterson releases a new recording, you know exactly what to expect. One of the foremost practitioners of traditional acoustic music, Peterson always selects first rate material, and surrounds himself with top tier instrumentalists that

  • Roses – Jackson Hollow

    True essential bluegrass not only offers authenticity, but also an emotional connection, one that's untarnished in terms of expressing sentiment and feeling without regard to any outside influences. The thoughts are freely expressed in ways that invite the listener to

  • It’s Just Me – Larry Sparks

    When thinking of Larry Sparks, the one word that comes to mind is soul. It's a word that not only sums up his crooning vocal tone and his lead guitar playing, but it encompasses who Larry is as an artist,

  • Mid-Michigan Bluegrass and Folk Jam Series

    Cedar Creek Bluegrass at the Mid-Michigan Bluegrass and Folk Jam Series - photo © Bill Warren The Woldumar Nature Center in Lansing, Michigan hosts the Mid-Michigan Bluegrass and Folk Jam Series monthly from the fall through the late spring. This is

  • Fathers and Sons – Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell's unfettered affection for bluegrass has always been apparent. As as a singer, fiddler, viola player, and instructor, his dedication to making music has been evident with each of his four albums, but it's especially now, courtesy of this

  • Final Chapter – Lost & Found

    In late 2013 Lost & Found began work on a new recording at Mountain Fever Records. Due to health issues being faced by the group's founder, Allen Mills, the project was shelved for some time. Now, ten years later, we

  • On Banjo – Alison Brown

    Instrumental albums, even by artists that are very well known, can be a precarious proposition. Most of the time, fans and followers want the benefit of vocals and something that suggests either a catchy tune or a substantive song. Consequently,