• John Hartford Memorial Festival 2019

    The ninth annual John Hartford Memorial Festival (JHMF) took place last week at the hallowed bluegrass grounds of the Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom, Indiana. Not to be confused with with the original Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival which

  • The Tale of Willie Tackett – Caney Creek

    Given their confidence and obvious assurance, it’s somewhat surprising that The Tale of Willie Tackett marks only the second time that the Ohio-based band Caney Creek has opted to release a record. However as the saying goes, good things are

  • River Raisin Acoustic Music Festival

    Special Consensus at the 2019 River Raisin Acoustic Music Festival - photo © Bill Warren The second River Raisin Acoustic Music Festival was held in the River Raisin Centre for the Arts in Monroe, Michigan this past Saturday. The Centre is

  • 2019 Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

    In the California bluegrass world, the CBA Father’s Day Festival gets most of the ink. But fear not, bluegrass fans, there’s a wonderful Mother’s Day bluegrass festival held every year in the heart of California earthquake country. The picturesque hamlet

  • New Freedom Blues – Town Mountain

    Like Steep Canyon Rangers, Town Mountain makes an upward climb from bluegrass basics to yet another pinnacle. The two bands share a propensity for bending boundaries whenever it suits their purposes, a tack taken by means of their superior songwriting