• Session 1 – Sideline

    While bluegrass isn’t a summer-only music, it’s no secret that the warmer months are well suited to the festivals, camping, and late-night jams beside of campfires and picnic tables that bluegrass fans love so well. Many bluegrass artists slow down

  • Walker and Groopman Make It Home

    As a music critic, I’m used to folks occasionally wondering if I’ve been living under a rock. Now I find myself thinking the same thing. How else could I not have heard about Melody Walker, Jacob Groopman and their progressive

  • Ten from Nu-Blu

    Bands often mark milestone anniversaries with new collections of their music – greatest hits albums, or in the case of the Lonesome River Band this past year, fresh recordings of their greatest hits. Nu-Blu, which is celebrating ten years as

  • Bluegrass, Alan Jackson Style

    Alan Jackson isn't the first country artist to give bluegrass a try now that country music is morphing into pop, and he most certainly won't be the last. But by giving it a shot, he's giving bluegrass a shot in

  • Flying – Darin & Brooke Aldridge

    For the past several years Darin & Brooke Aldridge have been steadily morphing from singing sweethearts (Darin Aldridge & Brooke Justice), to a married couple headlining both bluegrass and acoustic country shows. Their vocal harmony and consistently positive music has

  • The Traveling Kind

    There's just something about sibling harmony. Most of us who cherish tight vocal harmony have encountered that sentiment, and maybe even expressed it ourselves. And it's plainly true. The similar tonality you find within family groups allows for a vocal