• Gathering – Aaron Ramsey

    Aaron Ramsey may be best known for his role as the mandolin player for Mountain Heart, but on his recent solo project, Gathering, he takes on almost every role imaginable within a bluegrass project. Ramsey not only showcases his noteworthy

  • Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road

    Just a few days ago we were commenting on the robust health of traditional bluegrass even as alternative and grass-influenced styles of music see renewed energy in the market. More evidence comes in the form of a new self-titled CD

  • Live At The Carolina Theatre – Kickin Grass Band

    To celebrate their 10th Anniversary last year, North Carolina's Kickin Grass Band scheduled a live concert recording at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, released earlier this Summer as Live At The Carolina Theatre. The album perfectly captures the band's stage show, which

  • The Definitive Doc Watson

    Since his passing in May 2012, celebrated guitarist Doc Watson has been the subject of several tributes chronicling his numerous decades as a musician. One of the most recent is The Definitive Doc Watson, which has compiled thirty-four songs from

  • Missy Raines Explores a New Frontier

    Sometimes, you just have to chase a dream, even if it threatens to push you – or your fans -- out of the comfort zone. That’s what Missy Raines did on New Frontier, the latest Compass Records release from Missy

  • Distant Lights – The Pine Hearts

    Alternative bluegrass is everywhere lately, and one of the most recent additions to the subgenre is The Pine Hearts, a newly formed trio from Olympia, Washington. This group, which has been together for close to a year, offers listeners a