• Air Travel

    I would first like to offer the disclaimer that this article is being written during the first few days of a European tour. I apologize if jet lag affects my objectivity, writing style, common sense, or font. At a time like

  • Blue Yodel #3 – The Complete Porter Mapes

        From: portermapes@gmail.com To: chris@chrisstuart.com Date: Sep. 3, 2011 Hey Pal, Well, it’s finally happened. I was hired on by the Willett Family to play banjo. This morning we hit the road at O dark 30 and as soon as I got in the van

  • Bluegrass – America’s music?

    Especially on the centennial of Bill Monroe's birth, it is important to reflect on the origins of the music we all love. And in light of the heated discussions of progressive versus traditional - and "What is or isn't bluegrass?"

  • Hard Rock after-party at IBMA

    After having made plans to spend last week at IBMA showcasing, exhibiting, reporting for Bluegrass Today, and otherwise immersing ourselves in the World of Bluegrass, I received a court order setting a hearing for Thursday morning in a case involving over seven

  • They’re Changing MY Music

    As if I wasn’t conflicted already, Laurie Lewis had to fan the flames. The face of the Bill Monroe stared down from the huge banner that adorned the stage. Preparing to announce the Dobro Player of the year award, she

  • Bluegrass Today test of knowledge

    Have you ever thought of someone you know as a “bluegrass know-it-all?” Has anyone ever accused you of the same? Or worse, has anyone ever suggested to you that you know nothing about bluegrass music? I can say from personal experience that,

  • Blue Yodel #2: Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants

    Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants will appear at odd times in the Blue Yodel column. Please send questions and comments to chris@chrisstuart.com for possible use. Dear Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants, When was the Blue Grass music discovered and what was it doing

  • IBMA please

    Dear IBMA, Please stop asking the most accomplished artists in our business to read corny lines from a teleprompter, or to engage in cringe-inducing banter for the sake of a light-hearted awards show. Last night's production made Hee-Haw look like high art. Nashville is

  • Introducing Aaron Keith Harris

    Aaron will be a regular columnist at Bluegrass Today, and his initial offering is particularly germane to the hot topic at this year's World Of Bluegrass. I came to love bluegrass music on the night of November, 7, 1997 on what