• A Theoretical Study of Bluegrass

    Jambase has an article up titled Bluegrass: A Theoretical Study. Here's the first few sentences. Bluegrass is engaged in a stylistic civil war. On one side, steadfast traditionalists continue to make music the time-tested way: acoustic instruments with minimal amplification,

  • A statement from Sammy Shelor

    The following is a statement from Sammy Shelor, in which he comments on and responds to the many rumors that have been circulating about him and the future of Lonesome River Band. We have enabled commenting on this post

  • Legal music downloads and bluegrass

    The bluegrass music industry seems to find itself consistently behind the curve on technology, but more and more bluegrass artists are finding ways to make their music available for legal download. We've posted about artists that have downloads available here,

  • Digital technology and bluegrass

    This is the first in a series of Viewpoint articles I'm working on concerning digital technology and bluegrass. It is intended to be an introduction to the topics I want to discuss and to give you the opportunity to suggest

  • Conflict of interest?

    The question of conflict of interest has arisen with regard to the the fact the authors of Bluegrass Today also operate businesses that market products and services to the bluegrass community. Please be assured that we will always pass along

  • Viewpoint – a recurring feature

    From time to time, we will include posts which do not offer news or specific information, but instead feature commentary or opinion on a topic related to the theme of Bluegrass Today: bluegrass music, artists, events and fans -