• Travers Chandler remembers Blake Johnson

    Blake Johnson, Michael Martin Murphy, Travers Chandler, and Merl Johnson This remembrance of the late Blake Johnson comes his former bandleader and dear friend, Travers Chandler. It's hard to imagine a more loving tribute. I met Blake Johnson when I was nineteen

  • A Call to help for Billy Constable

    Anyone familiar with the acoustic music scene of Western NC, or with the music of the legendary Charlie Moore, is no stranger to Billy Constable. In fact, I am not certain Billy encountered many strangers. He is a friend to

  • Reporting from the road

    From the accounts I receive on the road, and speaking with promoters of traditional style bluegrass festivals daily on the phone, the logistics of running a successful event can be a nightmare even in the best of times. Festivals can

  • Death of Traditional Bluegrass?

    Change is inevitable. Innovations are unavoidable. Perhaps no greater example of this can be found than within musical art forms. Music is a living, breathing thing, involving many different people with many different ideas. It is foolish to think that