• Olde Surber Station Radio Blog

    John started this with his post about Butch Robins' blog. Here's another bluegrass related blog. Jack Lewis hosts an internet bluegrass radio show titled: Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show. Olde Surber Station Radio is a Live365.com network radio station... ...The show

  • Butch Robins, banjo picker… and blogger!

    Well known banjo player, former Bluegrass Boy, and now successful autobiographer Butch Robins has joined the blogosphere. His new blog is called The Cyber-Journal of Joseph Calvin "Butch" Robins, and is subtitled "The Thoughts Of An Itinerant Banjo Player." Much

  • Video of Vassar in the studio

    And speaking of Vassar Clements... Ampersand Records has made some video footage of Vassar in the studio available on their web site. It is a fairly large file, but does offer a memorable glimpse of a master at work. This

  • High Ground on Bluegrassradio.org

    We just received a note from Rick Altis with High Ground, noting that they have been selected as the Artist Of The Month on BluegrassRadio.org. Previous recipients of this distinction include Valerie Smith and Blue Moon Rising. Audio samples are available

  • Larry Sparks on Prairie Home Companion

    Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers will be a featured musical guest on the popular Prairie Home Companion radio show tonight (10/8). If you're not sure who may broadcast the show in your area, you can search their station list, or

  • Bluegrass Talk Radio debuts online

    Talk radio has become a real competitor to music programming in many broadcast markets, with topics of discussion covering politics, sports, religion and local issues. With the advent of podcasting, the possibilities for this sort of "narrowcasting" have simply exploded. Bluegrass