Free Mandolin from Mandolin Cafe and Collings Mandolins

Collings Mandolins and Guitars of Austin, Texas, and the Mandolin Cafe will be giving away a Collings MT2 to some lucky individual in the near future.

Starting October 1, 2005, visitors to the Mandolin Cafe web site will have an opportunity to register for a chance to win the mandolin in a drawing to be held October 15. You’d better hurry!

I spoke with Steve McCreary at Collings, via email, and asked him about the give away. How it had come about, and why an “A” model mandolin. Here’s his response.

The idea came from a conversation between Scott Tichenor and myself. Scott has done a tremendous job with Mandolin Cafe and is always thinking about ways to promote the website, and the mandolin in general. He mentioned it and I thought it was a great idea. “A” style mandolins seem to be very popular, thanks to mando heros like Tim O’Brien and Kym Warner, and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

Here are a couple pictures of the mandolin they are giving away. Remember the drawing will be held October 15. Go here to register.

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