• Chris Scruggs goes to the movies

    Grandson of banjo legend Earl Scruggs, Chris Scruggs has taken a different musical path. He performs rock, and sometimes country, music as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He's been largely disconnected with the bluegrass roots in his family. In fact,

  • Two big DVD debuts for Sierra Hull

    Sierra Hull, the diminutive song bird and fiery mando-monster, celebrated a pair of milestones last week. March 16 saw not only the release date of her first mandolin DVD, Secrets Songs & Tunes, but also the DVD release of Billy

  • New faces of Discover Bluegrass

    We posted last month about the upcoming revision to the IBMA's Discover Bluegrass DVD, a major part of the organization's efforts to cultivate interest in bluegrass music among younger students. Though most of the material in this video will remain

  • The Banjo Project – a documentary

    One of the most defining aspects of the bluegrass sound is the addition made by the 5-string banjo. It is the most "American" of all the instruments comprising a bluegrass band.  There is a lot of lore, and misinformation, about

  • Bach and Friends DVD now available

    Bach & Friends... That may sound like a name for a Saturday morning cartoon show, but it's actually a newly released DVD that any fan of the music of J.S. Bach, or of fine acoustic string music in general, will

  • Grassers in Bach and Friends

    What happens when a bluegrass banjo player makes a documentary film about a legendary 18th century composer? The result with Michael Lawrence is Bach and Friends, due for DVD release early in 2010. The film looks at the timeless music of

  • Charlie Daniels Christmas package

    Charlie Daniels has worn a good many hats over his 50 years in the music business. His first big hit came in 1973 with Uneasy Rider, a countryfied talking blues, years before the rap craze began. The hilarious song, following on

  • Who Shot Lester Monroe?

    That's the question on the lips of almost everyone in the bluegrass world. OK... maybe not just yet. But when this new film debuts during the IBMA Fan Fest on October 2, it is sure to be a lively topic of

  • Always Been A Rambler

    Apropos of Richard's fine tribute to Mike Seeger, here is some related news. The Arhoolie Foundation has recently released a DVD of the Yasha Aginsky film, Always Been A Rambler, an hour-long documentary on the New Lost City Ramblers, of which