Big winners in our Things That Fly comment contest

OK… we have our winners in the Things That Fly comment contest. Thanks to everyone who played along. We had 100 entries, and it wasn’t easy to pick the best from the many clever and witty contributions.

Each of these commenters will receive a pre-release, autographed copy of Things That Fly, the upcoming Sugar Hill release from The Infamous Stringdusters, a show poster from the ‘Dusters promo vault, and a free download of the digital version of the CD.

And the winners are…

COMMENT #62539 BY DREWNKY ON 03.24.10 8:44 AM

Genuine, Old-fashioned, Steampowered Aeroplane!

COMMENT #62547 BY CAPTMAX ON 03.24.10 12:37 PM

Things That Fly? Travis Book down the side of a mountain — so fast not even his body can keep up!

COMMENT #62559 BY EL RON ON 03.24.10 1:06 PM

In listening to the three tracks of the album you have here of the Duster’s new cd “Things That Fly”, I am reminded of the inherent “soul and spirit” one possesses within themselves. Right now, a friend of mine is going under some medical procedures and chemo to fight a cancer that he has. He is truly letting his “soul and spirit fly” so he can overcome the pain of it all. “Whoooaaahh mama, ain’t it good to be alive”. He is being positive and receiving alot of love from his friends and family whereby we are letting our “soul and spirits fly” to him. This new Infamous Stringdusters CD from what I have heard thus far has these same qualities of spirit, life, cherishing the ones we love and heartfelt bluegrass soul as well. Things That Fly—>>> Definitely the Soul & Spirit!

COMMENT #62571 BY BANJOFRITZ ON 03.24.10 2:40 PM

Things that fly: bras hurled at the stringdusters from adoring fans

you guys rock! See ya at swallow hill!

COMMENT #62590 BY GENO365 ON 03.25.10 2:37 AM

The foul language flies from my lovely wife’s lips when I bring home yet another poor homeless instrument. (Oh yeah my stringed instrument phase is never one I outgrew in 48 years!)

Congratulations one and all!

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