Case Notes

Case Notes journal for your fine instrumentIf you’ve ever purchased a vintage instrument and wondered about the story behind the strings, then you’ll understand what Case Notes is all about.

Case Notes is specially designed little diary for your instrument. It is sized appropriately (5 1/4″H x 4 1/4″W x 1/2″D) to be kept in the case with the instrument. The diary contains different sections for different kinds of notes:

  • Special section for detailed instrument description.
  • Separate sections for up to six owners.
  • Space for personal records, repairs, stories, noteworthy events and autographs.

Made with a soft flexible cover and 160 pages of archival quality paper, keeping a Case Notes diary could be the perfect way to catalog at least your part of the story behind a treasured instrument.

Danny Roberts, who recently acquired a 1922 Gibson Lloyd Loar mandolin has this to say about Case Notes.

I wish I had a Case Notes record of my Loar’s first 86 years.
I love knowing that my family will have a record of my history with it from now until I pass it down.

What a cool idea. I think I’ll have to start keeping some Case Notes on the Collings guitar given to me as a Christmas present from my parents 11 years ago.