Carter Brothers – Road To Roosky

I spoke last week with Tim Carter, who filled me in on a new project he recently completed with his brother Danny as The Carter Brothers.

You might think of Tim and Danny as the black sheep cousins of The Carter Family, to whom they trace a direct relation. The Carter Brothers play a unique hybrid of bluegrass and rock, quite a bit more uptown than what A.P. and his brood recorded.

The new project was tracked at their Treehouse Studio near Nashville. Tim explained a few details about the album, which will be called Road To Roosky.

“Roosky is a small village in the mid-lands of Ireland, between Dublin and Galway. It is the headwaters of the Shannon River which flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

This place is very magical and we spend alot of time there staying with friends when touring Ireland. There are 12 pubs, 10 churches, a grocery store and one hotel called The Key West Inn.

7 of the 11 tunes are originals penned by me and my brother Danny. The unique thing about this record is it’s a blues record, with banjo. Joining us are our longtime bassist Ross Sermons, drummer Dann Sherrill and Sam Bush playing reso-mando and mando. We also found a track we had recorded with Vassar Clements a couple of years before he passed that we never released. Vassar sings bass and plays some great fiddle… and of course we had to ask Sam to play on this tune also. It’s a very special version of Can You Hear Jerusalem Moan.”

Tim says that the record is currently being pitched to labels, so he isn’t sure when it may be released. He also sent along a few photos taken during the sessions.

The brothers have also created a video to introduce the music from this next CD, and the brothers themselves.