Breakthrough: The Gibson Brothers Story

Andy Flynn and the Gibson Brothers at the 2013 Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.Andy Flynn is the editor of The Lake Placid News, and a valued correspondent here at Bluegrass Today. As a long-time fan of bluegrass music, he’s taken a special interest in the rise of The Gibson Brothers, the only bluegrass superstars to emerge from his area of northeastern New York state.

Eric and Leigh Gibson grew up on a farm near Ellenburg Depot, not far from the border with Vermont. Serious Gibson Brothers fans know their story, growing up in the country with equal shares of hard work, baseball, and bluegrass music. But that’s not a story widely shared outside the bluegrass world, something Flynn is hoping to address.

He is about two years of research into an authorized biography of the Brothers, and is now seeking assistance from the wider community to complete the necessary interviews, compile them into a narrative form, and finish and deliver the book, Breakthrough: The Gibson Brothers Story, to market by the summer of 2016.

Andy estimates that he will require $12,000 for travel and editorial assistance, and is hoping that folks who would like to see the book published would consider making a donation to the cause. He has established an account with GoFundMe, and offering copies of his previous books on the history of Adirondack Park as premiums for anyone who makes a contribution.

The plan is to promote the finished book both in and outside of the bluegrass world, especially to young people growing up in rural communities. Flynn makes this point on his GoFundMe page…

This is an important book, as it shows students that with talent, hard work and determination, they can dream big and be successful in life. Eric and Leigh Gibson are bona fide role models for our youth, especially the next generation of bluegrassers.

More details about the book and the donation process can be found online. Especially if you are eager to see this book come about, please consider a donation of any size.

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