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Bradley WalkerThe music video for Bradley Walker’s A Little Change has been running on CMT and GAC for the past two weeks, and came in at #1 in the CMT Pure 12 Pack Countdown for the week of November 21.

We had a chance to discuss the song and its video rendering with Bradley, and it turns out that it is one that touched him deeply – and is especially relevant during this week when those of us in the US take time out to reflect and give thanks for our good fortune.

“It touches on something that has probably happened to most folks these days, and how we could all stand to live our lives a little bit better. We’re all guilty of only seeing what’s on the outside sometimes, and not always taking the time to see someone’s real heart. What they’re really made of. The video just brings that all to life even more. When Mr. Jack pulls out that Bible, looks up and gives that big smile, it’s over!  We should all realize how blessed we really are, and where those blessings come from.”

If you’ve not had a chance to watch the video, here it is.

Bradley explained a bit about how the song came to be included on his most recent CD, Highway Of Dreams.

A Little Change was written by Carl Jackson, Mike Ward, and Jared Ashley. I had good timing on my side, because Carl and I were picking songs for Highway of Dreams not long after it was written. When I heard the song, the first time with Carl just playing acoustic guitar and singing it for me, its message struck a deep chord with me, and I knew it would do the same for anyone else who heard it. When we were tracking this tune in the studio, it sort of took on its own little feel ‚Äì different than I think we’d even imagined it would be, and we knew right away we had something extra special.”

I asked Bradley what led to creating a video so long after the initial release of the CD in 2006?

“We’ve wanted to have a video for this song for a LONG time, because the imagery from the song is so powerful. About a year ago, I met Rory Feek and Joey Martin-Feek, now known as the famous country music duo, Joey+Rory. Rory, Joey and I all share a love of great songs‚Ķsongs that have a real, deep message and meaning to them. They’ve been huge supporters of my music, and more than that have become two of my dearest friends. Rory had the idea to make the ‘Change’ video, so we eventually set a date in stone and said ‘we’re doing this, no matter what.

With help from our friend Micah Ginn from Oxford, MS., we shot everything in one day, and had a blast doing it. It took some time, but I’m so thankful for people like Rory and Micah who believe in something like this enough to take the time and make something so powerful, just for the love of the music.”

Lastly, I asked him where he got the concept for this video.

“From Rory Feek! I got a call at work one day, and he said, ‘I’ve come up with a treatment for the video‚Ķsee what you think‚Ķ’ and began to read what he’d typed out. Every detail of the video, from how it would open, how the Bible would be revealed from the paper sack, everything, was all typed out, and thought out in Rory’s mind.

He had written down all the various shots he wanted to get ‚Äì of downtown scenes, of me driving, etc., etc. ‚Äì everything was already pictured in his mind before we ever turned the camera on.  When he finished, all I could say was, ‘Wow‚Ķ”

Rory has a God-given gift for telling stories, in song, and through a camera lens.”

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