Boys In Hats and Ties

Big Country Bluegrass debuted their new song, The Boys In Hats and Ties, at the Good Home Grown Music booth at the SPGBMA Convention yesterday (2/6). The song will be featured as the #1 cut for their upcoming album, Back In Time, on the Mountain Roads Recordings label. It is scheduled for release in June.

Written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall along with Don Rigsby, the song pays tribute to Lester, Earl, Ralph, Carter, Bill and all the other Boys In Hats and Ties who laid the foundation for the music we all love so much.

Miss Dixie says that the original idea for the song came up in a phone conversation she had with Rigsby.

“Don was considering doing a concept album of super-tradition, a salute to the boys who wore the hats and ties. That in itself was a magic title and it ended up being basically the true tale of Tom T. as a child being taken to see Earl and Lester!’”

Rigby’s recording turned to another direction, but when Ms. Dixie sent the song to Big Country Bluegrass, they jumped up and down and rushed into the studio to cut the song.

BCB not only sings about “the boys,” they indeed are the Boys In Hats and Ties. In their version of the song, you’ll hear a piece of the Martha White Theme song. Big Country Bluegrass won the 100th Anniversary Martha White jingle contest and performed their version on the Grand Ole Opry in July 1999.

Their recording of The Boys In Hats and Ties was recently released to radio personalities as an electronic single on Air Play Direct, where you can hear it in its entirety. It’s a clever and highly entertaining song which will warm the hearts of any bluegrass fan who can recall the days when Flatt & Scruggs roamed this earth.

Big Country Bluegrass is nominated for nine awards at this year’s SPBGMA convention, the results of which will be announced later today.

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