Bobby Osborne Mandolin Roundup

Bobby Osborne, Lauren Price, and Scott Napier playing triple mandolins.

Folks in the bluegrass world have certainly noticed the “Tremolo Tuesday” video segments that have been appearing on social media since March 2016. According to Scott Napier, the regular performances that feature triple mandolins played by Lauren Price, Bobby Osborne, and himself weren’t planned at first. It was only after working up “a quick three part harmony version of the Monroe tune Scotland,” and subsequently deciding to post it to Facebook that the idea really took off, according to Scott. Now, their videos have reached almost 50,000 views, proof that people really seem to like getting a glimpse of what happens regularly at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music in Hyden, KY, where Osborne and Napier are both faculty members and Price is a student.

Napier shared a little bit of background about their segments: “The best part of the Tremolo Tuesday videos is that we try to bring in historical, educational, and hopefully that entertainment value, all rolled into somewhere between one to two minutes, on most Tuesday nights that we come together with our mandolins.”

The three musicians work up their tunes each week during Price’s hour-long mandolin lesson with Osborne. They take an “all-or-nothing” approach to their selections, meaning that if all three are not on board with the song or arrangement, they don’t use it. “We have worked up complete versions of tunes and then abandoned them if they didn’t do it for us,” Napier said. “We all respect each other’s playing styles and we try to blend it all together.”

Their shared joy of playing music together has ultimately led to many people responding positively to their videos. Now, at the urging of their fans, they’re setting out on a new venture: Bobby Osborne’s Mandolin Roundup. Held in conjunction with the 22nd Annual Osborne Brothers Hometown Bluegrass Festival, also located in Hyden, the Mandolin Roundup promises to be quite the workshop for mandolin enthusiasts. For the mere cost of $200.00 (or the early bird rate of $175.00 if you act fast), students of all ages and ability are welcome to sign up to attend the Roundup, scheduled for Thursday, August 3rd.

Bobby Osborne's Mandolin Roundup

According to Napier, the camp will feature more than just mandolin lessons. Q&A sessions and jam sessions with the instructors will also take place. Camp attendees will also receive two weekend passes to the festival, official limited edition t-shirts and stickers, free merchandise including Osborne’s signature pick, autographed copies of his brand new album on Compass Records, Original, and sets of GHS strings, among other items valued at more than $150.00.

Meals are also included! By the end of the camp, the goal is that one of the songs featured on “Tremolo Tuesday” will have been arranged and taught to all participants. Then, all participants are invited to perform the song on the festival’s main stage alongside Osborne, Napier, and Price. Sounds like a good time, right?

Anyone interested in finding out more information about the camp should reach out to Scott Napier by email at or phone at (606) 569-5100. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the event.

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