Barry Scott’s 2nd Wind

barry scottFormerly playing bass/guitar and singing with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Barry Scott has stepped out on his own. He left Doyle sometime ago and speculation was rampant over what his plans were. Many of his fans were sorely disappointed when he left Doyle and, it seemed, the bluegrass music scene.

Barry took a little break, spent some time with his family, and now he’s back. He caught his 2nd Wind it seems. Barry Scott and 2nd Wind is the name of the new band he is putting together.

The name is Barry Scott and 2nd Wind. The band consists of Steve Reeves (Gilbert, SC) on guitar/vocals, Jason Leek (Bristol, VA) on bass guitar/vocals, and myself on guitar and vocals. I’m still trying out banjo and mandolin players, as well as record labels. We have plans of a spring release for a new CD. The music is a mixture of Gospel and secular bluegrass music.

Keep an eye out for Barry and his new band. We’ll be bringing you updates as we get them.

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