Banjo To Beatbox from Cathy and Marcy

Banjo To Beatbox - Cathy Fink and Marcy MarxerMultiple Grammy winners Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer have a new CD, an 8 song EP collaboration with beatbox artist Christylez Bacon. The album is titled Banjo To Beatbox, and is Cathy and Marcy’s latest collection of children’s songs, performed on acoustic instruments – with a twist.

Cathy and Marcy have been active in both folk and childrens music for many years, and have twice won the Grammy award for Best Musical Album for Children. Bacon is a hip-hop artist based in the DC area who is considered a master of beatbox, the vocal technique of simulated percussion sounds. But Marcy is quick to point out that he is the sort of hip-hopper that parents will want their kids to hear.

“We met Chris in an arts oriented mentoring program. He wasn’t doing any kid’s music at that point and he’s the first Hip Hop artist I’ve ever heard that has never written a negative word. Since I’ve become friends with him I’ve also never heard him utter an unkind word about anyone or anything, either.

He has a band that he regularly performs with that is all acoustic-another part of his art that’s unusual. His backup band includes tuba, piano, and a hand drummer.

We’re having a great time with him. Since meeting me he has taken up the ukulele and is currently eye-ing the banjo. If he decides to go for it we’ll certainly help him.”

Songs on the new CD range from the familiar Froggy Went A Courtin’ played with two banjos (cello banjo and clawhammer 5 string) to a hip-hop version of the Humpty Dumpty story, with beatbox and cello banjo accompaniment. The songs are fun and full of joy and enthusiasm – your kids will love it!

Hip-Hop Humpty Dumpty –  Listen now:    []

There are more audio samples from Banjo To Beatbox on Cathy and Marcy’s site, and examples of Chris’ music on his site, plus a music video for the opening track, Jubilation.

Marcy says that Chris will join she and Cathy for a number of shows this summer. Check their schedule online.

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