Avett Brothers close MerleFest 2013

One last MerleFest 2013 gallery from Andy Garrigue, who also shared these comments.

Heavy numbers poured in Sunday to see The Avett Brothers close down Merlefest 2013, despite the calls for rain throughout the day, and their late afternoon set was alternately passionately energetic, to the point of raising the ire of some traditionalists, and sensitively quiet, with gorgeous harmonies, and beautiful cello moments that left some in the crowd in near rapture. A telling moment came when Seth related how his father, Jim Avett, had taken them to Doc Watson’s house when Seth was 13. Seth said he made up his mind then and there that he would pursue a life steeped in, and dedicated to, the roots music that Doc Watson so cherished, and exquisitely played. It was as if Doc had shone a light down the path of Seth’s future… Seth and Scott then led a round of applause for Doc Watson, saying simply, “Thanks Doc!”

And just as Doc Watson has inspired so many, so, too, will the Avett Brothers inspire a new generation of players and songwriters. As one of the pictures shows, two seats were reserved at the side of the stage, for Doc and Rosa Lee Watson, a really nice touch by the Merlefest organizers, who did a masterful job throughout the festival.

Our conclusion: The Circle Will Indeed Remain Unbroken.


Andy also shared this recording he made of The Moore Brothers jamming on David Grisman’s E.M.D. at the Fender booth.


The Moore Brothers are a young group, aged 10, 15 and 17 that played a spot at the Midnight Jam, performing the classic rock nugget Magic Carpet Ride. The shots above show them playing impromptu in the music instruments vendor tent on Saturday evening.  These were instruments just hanging in the booth, not their own. They are VERY talented, and I was extremely impressed. In a short set, they were doing Gospel, Django Reinhardt style jazz, a blues shuffle, and Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.