• Front and Center – Sideline

    In the past several years, Sideline has jumped from being a literal side project for some bluegrass A-listers to a fully-fledged band working its way to the top of the bluegrass world. With a few of those original “sidemen” on

  • No Escape – ClayBank

    ClayBank’s 2016 debut album, Playing Hard to Forget, was a strong entry into the bluegrass scene, racking up comparisons to bluegrass heavyweights like the Lonesome River Band. Their new recording, which dropped last Friday from Mountain Fever Records, is a

  • My Town – The Lindsey Family

    Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss family bands as cute kids with more than their fair share of musical talent, but more and more frequently these days, family bluegrass groups are proving their abilities not only at fancy picking, but also

  • Dan Carty benefit in Bristol this weekend

    The bluegrass community is coming together once again to help one of its own. Last fall, Dan Carty, a regionally-performing bluegrass musician who hails from the Bristol, TN/VA area, was diagnosed with malignant squamous cell cancer in his head and

  • Seneca Rocks or Johnson Mountain Boys?

    Bluegrass fans, hold on to your seats – if you can get one – the Johnson Mountain Boys are back! (Almost, anyway.) Dudley Connell, David McLaughlin, Tom Adams, and Marshall Wilborn recently announced they will be performing a house concert