A Banjo in The Office

I’m sure there are at least a few fans of The Office among us. So you may have already caught the episode in which Ed Helms, in character as Andy Bernard, plays the banjo.

It turns out Helms is a real life bluegrass fan who does play the banjo. The native Atlantian will be performing, on the banjo, later this month at a fundraiser for the Atlanta based Theatrical Outfit. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the story including a short interview. My favorite line:

Q: Most guys play the guitar in high school to pick up girls. How’d the banjo work for you?

A: I just completely misread girls in high school. This is just one example of how. I’ve been trying to press X-box to make "Banjo Hero."

Judging from this video clip of The Office, Helms’ character Andy is still misreading the girls.