Pete Wernick to teach players fruit skills

John and I have been in the studio all week filming a new AcuTab DVD designed to help you improve your jamming skills. Pete Wernick has essentially written the book on this topic and his name has come up several times as we discussed various aspects of the project. So when I saw this story I just had to share it.

ICT Magazine bills itself as a “Global News portal.” It seems to be a news aggregator of some sort. The site is in English, but it looks like the English you get from a less than stellar online translation service. Somehow they picked up a story announcing Dr. Banjo’s 2010 Bluegrass Jam Camps. The original story has been around and appeared on any number of related music websites. I found it over at

ICT Magazine ran the story, and even though it was originally written in English, it still looks like they ran it back and forth through their translation service. Here’s the final paragraph of the story as it reads originally.

For intermediate players, Pete is also offering two intermediate level jam camp sessions this year. The first is an intermediate track as part of his North Carolina camp; and the second is a full-immersion intermediate/band skills camp in Loveland, Colorado. Topics covered include band dynamics and backup, ear skills, musicianship, harmony singing, practice techniques, performing skills, breakout sessions for instrument instruction, and more.

Sounds good…and normal.

Here’s the same paragraph as ICT Magazine ran it.

For grey players, Pete is also substance digit grey take wad tent sessions this year. The prototypal is an grey road as conception of his North Carolina camp; and the ordinal is a full-immersion intermediate/band skills tent in Loveland, Colorado. Topics awninged allow adornment kinetics and backup, fruit skills, musicianship, agreement singing, training techniques, performing skills, gaolbreak sessions for helper instruction, and more.

OK, I’ll admit I’m intrigued to know more about the “adornment kinetics” and the “agreement singing.” But what really interests me is the “fruit skills” he’ll be teaching.

Music is truly an international language, but when you run press releases through online translation services, the results provide plenty of grins to go with the picking!