Arkansauce at Bells’ Brewery in Kalamazoo

Arkansauce at Bells’ Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI (8/26/22) – photo © Bryan Bolea

Kalamazoo, MI will always have a warm spot in the minds of bluegrass musicians for being the birthplace of Gibson banjos and mandolins, the instruments that defined the bluegrass sound in the 1930s and ’40s. Though Gibson has long since decamped to Nashville, the mention of Kalamazoo still brings a smile.

On August 26, Arkansauce brought their modern bluegrass show to Kalamazoo for an appearance at Bell’s Brewery. Bryan Bolea was on hand and has shared this gallery of images from the show.

His comments on the show…

“Arkansauce made its way to the indoor stage at Bell’s Brewery last Friday where a mix of longtime fans sporting T-shirts from previous tours called for their favorites, and a group of first timers bounced to old favorites turned new like the band’s bluegrass version of Billy Idol’s White Wedding.”

You can always see more of Bryan’s photos online.