Adam Steffey mandolin DVD due in mid-June

Adam Steffey mandolin DVD from AcuTabAdam Steffey’s first-ever instructional DVD for mandolin is due for release from AcuTab Publications on June 12. It will be a two-DVD set, entitled My Approach To Bluegrass Mandolin.

The first of the two disks focuses on Adam’s approach to the instrument, including his thoughts on proper technique and how to build “authentic” bluegrass-sounding mandolin solos for standard songs. He shows how he would create a simple meldoy-based solo for several popular jam session favorites, in a variety of keys.

The second disk has him teaching a number of his most-requested solos from his recordings with Alison Krauss & Union Station and Mountain Heart: Everytime You Say Goodbye, No Place To Hide, #6 Barn Dance, Cluck Old Hen, Liza Jane and several others.

There are no details up yet on the AcuTab site, but there is a link where you can request notification when they begin accepting orders.

My Approach To Bluegrass Mandolin will be available wherever bluegrass instructional DVDs are sold, on the AcuTab site, or from Adam at his live shows with Mountain Heart.

UPDATE: I uploaded a short video clip to my studio website. The clip features Adam performing Daybreak In Dixie with accompaniment from Barry Bales and Kenny Smith. Watch the clip here.