Adam Steffey is back – with Volume Five!

With the announced departure of Colby Laney as guitarist with Volume Five, the band has announced a couple of big changes.

Jacob Burleson will switch from mandolin to guitar, and the band will welcome the big daddy, Adam Steffey, into the group on mandolin.

Glen Harrell, fiddler and lead vocalist for Volume Five, tells us that Jacob was talking with Adam, and passed along a request to join them, and reported that he was delighted to do so.

But wait a minute… didn’t Adam say just a couple of months ago that he was getting out of the music business? Why, yes he did.

“Honestly, I was tired. But I never really retired.

There was a time last fall when Highland Travelers were breaking up that I thought I wanted to get out of music all together. I was just fried trying to handle so many tasks – bandleader, band member, plus my schedule at ETSU. It had become overwhelming to me, and the thought of starting up a new record just seemed like too much.

I didn’t pick up the mandolin for the better part of December.

I wasn’t thinking about playing with a band again, but with some time away to study on the situation, I started thinking about it again. I enjoy playing, I love playing in front of people, and working in the studio – and I love teaching.

So I saw the story that Colby was leaving and thought, ‘I hate to hear that.’ Then Jacob contacted me to see if I might be interested, so I figured, well I gotta do that. I love Glenn’s voice, and the songs they choose.

I just needed to reset, study on it a bit. When Jacob called, I thought, well this will be fun. Just joining a band that is already going, without having to steer the ship, seemed like a great idea.

It will be a lot less stress not being a band leader. These guys are terrific and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Adam says that teaching was what has kept him connected to the mandolin during his brief hiatus. Even though he has left the ETSU faculty, he continues to teach private lessons, both in his studio in Johnson City, TN, and via Skype. He appreciates the ease of scheduling doing it this way, versus the more rigid environment of the academic setting.

You can see Steffey as the newest member of Volume Five on February 9 when they play at The Ritz Theater in Sheffield, AL. Their full tour schedule can be viewed online.

Adam says he feels that buzz of enthusiasm again.

“You always hear guys say, ‘I’m so excited about this or that.’ But I really am! And I feel like Glen and the guys are too.

I’m a band guy – I’m not a leader. I just enjoy playing with a good rhythm section, and these guys have one for sure.

I’ve known Glen since the ’80s when he was with Perfect Tymin’, and Jacob is one of my favorite musicians. I haven’t struck the first note with these guys but I’m excited and rarin’ to go.”

Sounds like a very happy ending to a frustrating period for Mr. Steffey. Can’t wait to see the new Volume Five.

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