3rd annual Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day

bmad_thDid you know that we were on the cusp of the 3rd Annual Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day?

It’s true. Starting in 2012, December 12 was declared as a day to share your love for bluegrass music, and the artists who preserve and perform it. Word didn’t come down from on high designating this date, it was actually chosen randomly by Lee Marcus, a bluegrass banjo player from South Carolina, who figured that everything else had a day, why not bluegrass?

Lee MarcusMarcus had a large Facebook presence thanks to a page he created called Bluegrass Life, which has over 47,000 followers, and he used that page, together with several other bluegrass sites, to publicize the first Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day. Those efforts made it all the way to Fox News.

There are no pre-printed occasion cards yet, but people seem to like the idea of taking a day well outside of festival season to think about our music, and maybe share it with someone you know. If you have a moment on Friday, post a video on Facebook of a favorite song or artist, pick out a bluegrass CD for a holiday gift, or put on a bluegrass radio station at work.

Or maybe send a nice note to someone in bluegrass whose music you admire, or folks that put on a festival or concerts in your area, and let them know you appreciate what they do.

It’s always a good day to appreciate bluegrass music, but especially on Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day.

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