2018 Winners at the 1890s Day Jamboree Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Marcia Denton, Benjamin Lin, Randall Franks, Tyler Andal, Ivy Phillips, Ronal Graham,
and Lewis Taylor at the 42nd annual 1890s Day Jamboree (May 26, 2018)

Contestants were lined up on May 26 for Old Time Fiddle Convention during the 42nd annual 1890s Day Jamboree in Ringgold, GA.

Competitions were held all day for musicians and dancers in a number of age categories, with trophies handed out to instrumentalists, cloggers, and bands alike. The Top prize goes to a fiddler each year, who receives the Randall Franks Trophy, named for actor, comedian, and musician Randall Franks, remembered to this day as Officer Randy Goode from In the Heat of the Night which aired on both NBC and CBS during the late 1980s through the mid-’90s.

Before his days on TV, Franks played fiddle with Bill Monroe and Jim & Jesse, and more recently had served as host of the Grand Master Fiddler Championship in Nashville. He is also a former Georgia State Bluegrass Fiddle Champion and a strong supporter of fiddle music in general.

He says that he was impressed by the level of musicianship he saw on stage.

“The talent exhibited by these musicians shares the future hope of the continuation our fiddle heritage. We have watched many grow up on our stage and so many are now competing at an international level. We are blessed the 1890s Day Jamboree committee strives to keep the tradition of the fiddle contests a vital part of the American musical fabric.”

Here is a list of the 2018 winners:

Randall Franks Trophy Fiddle Off

  1. Tyler Andal – Nashville, TN
  2. Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, TN
  3. Benjamin Lin – Lexington, KY
  4. Marcia Denton – Murfreesboro, TN

10 and under fiddle

  1. Liam Bruhen – Woodstock, AL
  2. Loki Bunn – Nashville, TN
  3. Macy Shelton – Coker, AL

11-15 fiddle

  1. Benjamin Lin – Lexington, KY
  2. David Lin – Lexington, KY
  3. Meredith Hudson – Gordo, AL
  4. Lexi Johnson – LaVergne, TN

16-21 fiddle

  1. Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, TN
  2. Andrew Lin – Lexington, KY
  3. Matthew Lin – Lexington, KY

22-50 fiddle

  1. Tyler Andal – Nashville, TN
  2. Gail Johnson – LaVergne, TN
  3. Clyde Parrish – Pleasant View, TN

51 and up fiddle

  1. Marcia Denton – Murfreesboro, TN
  2. Mack Snoderly – Clyde, NC
  3. Gary Woody – Dalton, GA
  4. Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, TN

Bluegrass Band

  1. Slim Chance – Murfreesboro, TN
  2. Main Stage – Greenbrier, TN
  3. Gary Woody Band – Dalton, GA


  1. Tyler Andal – Nashville, TN
  2. Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, TN
  3. Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, TN

Best Backup Guitarist: Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, TN


  1. Tyler Andal – Nashville, TN
  2. Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, TN
  3. Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, TN


  1. Tyler Andal – Nashville, TN
  2. Weston Stewart – Anderson, AL
  3. Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, TN

10 and under clogger

  1. Treble Chunn – Greenbrier, TN
  2. Macy Shelton – Coker, AL
  3. Amelia Brown – Springfield, TN

11-20 clogger

  1. Meredith Hudson – Gordo, AL
  2. Corynne Meadows – Goodlettsville, TN
  3. Gracie Parris – Pleasant View, TN

21-30 clogger

  1. Joshua Hudgins – Dalton, GA

31 and up clogger

  1. Cheryl Chunn – Greenbrier, TN
  2. Sherry Borski – Gallatin, TN
  3. Cassie Cornish – Hendersonville, TN

Clogging Team

  1. Main Stage Explosion – Springfield, TN
  2. Main Stage Revolution – Springfield, TN
  3. Main Stage Treble Makers – Springfield, TN

Congratulations one and all!

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