You could own Bill Monroe’s wrench

Last July we reported on an estate sale in Gallatin, Tennessee, where almost one thousand items once owned by either Bill or James Monroe were being sold at auction. It gave Monroe’s fans the chance to take a bit of Bill home with them in the form of cowboy boots, awards, and various items of memorabilia.

Some people have whole businesses buying, collecting, and selling memorabilia, and it’s always amazed me how many trinkets once owned or used by famous people are out there on the market. People will literally buy and sell most anything.

You really never know what you’re going to find on eBay. So, guess what? Someone is now parting out a toolbox they purchased at the Monroe auction last year. For $24.99, you could own Bill Monroe’s personal 9/16 wrench, (with a letter of authenticity of course).

Any mechanic worth their salt probably already has at least two or three multiples of this same standard issue drop forged tool, but it surely wasn’t handled by Big Mon himself.

According to the seller, the wrench was part of a collection of tools that had been purchased as a set inside of a toolbox said to have belonged to Bill.

No, it’s not the million dollar mandolin whose original tuning keys were also up for sale in the same auction, but it is pretty neat. If you’re anything like me and can’t ever seem to find the right dang wrench when you’re looking for it, this 9/16 might just suit your needs.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. – Too slow! It’s already sold, but you can contact the seller about other items in the toolbox.

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