Woodbine Opry closes out 2023

Woodbine Opry jam on December 29, 2023 – photo © Bill Warren

December of 2023 had five Fridays, so we were able to attend the Woodbine Opry in Georgia on all five. 

The snowbirds began filtering in on the second Friday with Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania well represented.

I did discover something very unusual. Jack Bethune has a distinctive guitar case which he bought at the second Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival. So he has had it for nearly 50 years. There were only twelve made as far as he knows. What makes it so unique? It hinges on both sides to open up, and has a flat bottom, so it serves as a stand. He carries all of his guitar needs and his harmonicas in it.

Jack tells the story of buying it this way: “I walked by it a couple times and then asked how much it cost. He said sixty dollars. I went to my wife Patti and said I need a check for sixty dollars and that’s how I got it.” Jack will celebrate his 89th birthday on January 9. Happy Birthday, Jack!

Stop in if you are near exit 14 on I-95 in Georgia on a Friday night. Tell them the guy that takes pictures sent you!

We will be back at Woodbine on the first Friday of December in 2024.

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