Woman arrested for crashing jam with pumpkin

Southern Skye at the Dollywood Pumpkin FestivalWe’ve all seen it happen. An all night bluegrass jam, a disgruntled neighbor, a pumpkin through a window.

OK, I’ve never seen that happen. Here’s the story.

Sunday evening, somewhere in St. Joseph County, Indiana, a few friends were having an all night jam. Apparently the neighbor lady wanted to join the jam and the organizers wouldn’t let her. So about 5 AM the jam weary – OK she was drunk – woman threw a pumpkin through her neighbor’s window, smashing two guitars and a banjo in the process.

Here’s a tip to all you jammers out there. Pumpkins are in season, so be nice to those who want to join in the picking!

Full story here.

NOTE: Southern Skye, the band pictured, had nothing to do with this story. They just happened to have this picture of themselves performing at Dollywood’s Pumpkin Festival. Hope you guys didn’t get smashed!