WKGX playing Bluegrass for 6 mos and beyond

On June 11, 2007 AM 1080 WKGX, located in Lenoir NC changed formats to all BLUEGRASS. That’s right, a 5,000 watt all Bluegrass radio station operating from sunrise to sunset. In a few short months, we’re now playing over 2,600 Bluegrass songs! "KT" & the Bluegrass Breakfast airs from 8 AM until 11 AM‚Ķthen the Bluegrass flows all day. In addition to playing the big name Bluegrass artists, The Bluegrass Station plays local artists that have produced CD’s, and it gets a great response from the people here the Catawba Valley.

When starting up an all Bluegrass station Al Bunch, owner of The Foothills Radio Group, Davy Crockett, Program Director and KT looked to the local authority on Bluegrass: Cindy Baucom. Cindy lives close to the station and greatly helped to get the ball rolling. KT and Cindy have turned into close friends and talk to each other often about the station and Bluegrass music in general. The decision to play ALL BLUEGRASS and not a blend of Folk or Americana music was one of the keys and one of the things that makes this station different from other stations that "play Bluegrass"

KT enjoys going to Bluegrass concerts and festivals in and around the Catawba Valley, meeting scores of artists and their fans (listeners to AM 1080 The Bluegrass Station). "KT" has interviewed artists like Jerry Butler from Carolina Road, Doyle Lawson, and Jere Cherryholmes. Cindy Baucom’s show (Knee Deep in Bluegrass) and Terry Herd’s show (Into the Blue) are the only syndicated shows that run on AM 1080 WKGX.

KT & AM 1080 The Bluegrass Station are proud to be IBMA members!