Winter Season video from Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls, i.e., the Kelley family of Tennessee, has a new single this month, an original composition written by the band called Winter Season.

We have had our eye on this talented young group for some time, tracing back to when they were known as The Band of Kelleys. They made quite a splash at World of Bluegrass a few years ago, and have continued to write, record, perform, and study at their craft to this day.

Maintaining an almost totally independent operation, including their own video production company, these Dolls turn out interesting music on their own schedule. As a touring act they take bluegrass and contemporary acoustic music to places it isn’t regularly played, winning new fans along the way. During the pandemic shutdowns, the Kelleys took to Patreon where they have developed a community of followers who support their efforts, allowing them to work autonomously.

The group consists of Bethany Kelly on fiddle, Victoria Kelley on mandolin, and Daniel Kelley on bass. All three sing, with Victoria typically taking the lead. They enhance the lineup for live shows, and when they record in their fairly sophisticated home studio.

Winter Season showcases the distinctive Paper Dolls sound, which reminds many folks of the youthful enthusiasm and lyrical optimism of early Nickel Creek. Seth Taylor joins them on guitar and Cory Walker on banjo. Jim Van Cleve produced the track, which was mixed and mastered by David Hall.

Speaking jointly, the Kelleys say of this song…

Winter Season was a song we wanted to release after starting a new journey as the band called Paper Dolls.

We felt like the lyrics captured many of the emotions of ‘changing seasons’ we’ve been feeling lately as we’ve launched a completely new project, and with losing a very special person, our Grandfather. He loved our harmonies, and we know this is a song he’d be proud of.

If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that there is always a spring after every winter season. There is joy after loss, and new beginnings after endings!”

The music video is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears, with Victoria’s lovely voice holding it all together

Winter Season is available now from popular download and streaming services online, and directly from the Paper Dolls online as a digital download. Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.

If you enjoy their music, there are levels of Patreon support where digital downloads of all new Paper Dolls music is included at no additional charge. You can learn more about that online.

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