Win a pre-release copy of Things That Fly

How would you like to get an autographed copy of the new Infamous Strigdusters CD, Things That Fly, before it’s available anywhere else? How about getting a free ‘Dusters show poster in the bargain?

Five lucky readers of Bluegrass Today will get both, delivered next week, well before the the CD is officially released, courtesy of Sugar Hill Records. All you have to do to be entered to win is post a comment to this article with your suggestion of a thing that flies. These can be actual flying things, or ones dragged up from the depth of your imagination – say, a Gibson RB-747, or some such as that.

The ‘Dusters will choose the best comments on Monday (3/29), and the 5 winners will have a prize package headed their way. If you aren’t a registered user, there is a quick, free registration required before you can post a comment. Nothing to it – easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

We have the complete audio for 3 tracks from Things That Fly here on Bluegrass Today if you would like to get a feel for the vibe the guys have created for their 3rd Sugar Hill release.

So comment away – and good luck!

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  • cowpunkmom

    Something that flies:

    My three adorable chickens. (Actually, they can’t fly very well, but please don’t let on…they feel very proud and I don’t want to break their hearts. They may stop laying.)

  • mjoyceweng

    My prayers fly up Mom in heaven. As an Angel she flys too.

  • aburtch

    An old pre-war Gibson banjo ring after its been tossed in a shot-put contest by a bunch of drunk yahoos at a late night Merelfest jam session.

  • Mike Brantley

    Rumors about changes in bluegrass bands start flying every year around Thanksgiving.

  • lilozarkfiddler16

    Time flies! It sure does…whether ya like it or not. Make the best of it by listening to The Infamous Stringdusters!:)

  • Wow! Great Stuff! ‘Nuff said! Thanks!

  • ChelBelle


  • How about this bird? What I used to do…

  • FirefighterJP

    Travis Book on his single-speed! (Do infants have $%^&ing leg veins? Yeah, I did not think so).

  • jerrymike

    Maybe it’s just that Spring Training time of year … but up here in Chicago, we’re looking forward to a beautiful, warm April 5, when the White Sox will hopefully send a lot of baseballs flying into the blue sky … landing in the stands after a long ride. (Although at this point we’d probably settle for an opening day when there’s no snow flying!)


  • mwrowe

    I’d say that the fingers of the ‘Dusters fly whilst pickin’, and I hope their new album flies off the shelves!

  • pat91199

    Things that flew:
    the letters from Bill Monroe’s mandolin by his trusty pocket knife (along with some choice words!!)

  • rdead7

    I’m stuck on a people eater, a flyin’ purple people eater….

  • Money flies out of my pocket….during tax season 🙁

  • sjperry54

    My dog, down the road as soon as I drop the leash!

  • If i’d be one of the winners the CD is a thing that fly…to Italy! 🙂

  • moses1

    An F-5 prewar Loar Stealth Bomber. Talk about power!


    Genuine, Old-fashioned, Steampowered Aeroplane!

  • spin02

    A rubber band!

  • Pickin T
  • aliengrass

    J.D. Crowe`s syncopation at the end of his breaks!!!!!
    ( youtube J.D. with the Grascals)

  • Tad Gilster

    “Yesterday has taken off and tomorrow’s going to fly.”

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  • HD28

    Birds. Not Bears. Battlestar Galactica.

  • CaptMax

    Things That Fly? Travis Book down the side of a mountain — so fast not even his body can keep up!

  • greggoodson

    Oh man… things that fly? A “genuine, old-fashioned, authentic steam powered Travis” @ Brighton 🙂

    Hope the leg is healing well!

  • Something that flies….a whole audience at Wintergrass when the Infamous Stringdusters tear into a new song. The audience is pushed beyond euphoric, and they fly high in good thoughts within their mind and soul. (that’s deep)

  • Rickster

    Well this past Sunday (3/21/10) both Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty were manhandled and ejected with such force from the U.S. Capitol Building steps that they flew clear across the Potomac! In a related event the original copies of The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights were folded into paper (parchment?) airplanes and then lit on fire before they were tossed in the same general direction. That was just freakin’ awesome….

  • overdog001

    How about the late, great John Hartford’s fabled “Steam Powered Aereo-Plane”? That one flies forever through the hearts of those who love genuine Americana.

  • dulaney

    If you ain’t got roots, then you got a hole in your bucket.

  • winglmui

    Pretty girls (who may be wearing blue/red dresses and/or red shoes) during the middle of a dance.

  • rekx

    my fingers when I am pick’n and grin’n

  • chante

    Snipe fly, I’m told… 🙂

  • sass32240

    I was the one flying high, when I met the Infamous Stringdusters in 2007 at the Knowlton Riverfest in New Jersey.

    I was just getting started listening to bluegrass music, and the ‘Dusters were the first group I got to see live. They played for about two hours, and once they were done playing, they were going to sign autographs, and meet people.

    I was so impressed with the fact that these guys didn’t know me from Adam, but would take time to talk about their music, and encourage me not to give up the instruments I was attempting to learn how to play. I have dealt with other professionals in the acting industry, but the musicians are so much higher class, that it’s hard to even attempt a comparison.

    I really thought it was great when I showed them some photos I took during the show, and Travis asked me to email him the photos, so they could use them on a web page. I gladly sent the photos, and saw a picture that I had taken on the internet just a day or so later.

    Now, I just need them to come back to the Pocono Mountain area, so I can buy them their favorite refreshing adult beverage, and talk some more. Heck, maybe I can even get a bluegrass lesson from them?

    The Infamous Stringdusters did a great job of taking a fella the size of an NFL lineman, and making him fly!


  • somanyrhodes

    “The White Torpedo”

  • Dave Bastian

    My mind starts to fly this time of year as I stop thinking about skiing the deep Utah Powder and start thinking about bluegrass festivals – sitting in a lawn chair with a cold beer in my hand, listening to a fantastic banjo break while clouds drift aimlessly by and a pretty girl in a sun dress dances…what was the question again?

  • El Ron

    In listening to the three tracks of the album you have here of the Duster’s new cd “Things That Fly”, I am reminded of the inherent “soul and spirit” one posseses within themselves. Right now, a friend of mine is going under some medical procedures and chemo to fight a cancer that he has. He is truly letting his “soul and spirit fly” so he can overcome the pain of it all. “Whoooaaahh mama, ain’t it good to be alive”. He is being positive and receiving alot of love from his friends and family whereby we are letting our “soul and spirits fly” to him. This new Infamous Stringdusters CD from what I have heard thus far has these same qualities of spirit, life, cherishing the ones we love and heartfelt bluegrass soul as well. Things That Fly—>>> Definitely the Soul & Spirit!

  • RwL

    I think it was Groucho Marx who said “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

  • bluegrasscat

    Our group of friends dancing to the stringdusters at Grand Targhee Bluegrass festival this summer!

  • dericksn11

    Lovin’ the new songs fellas! Definately makes me want to fly out to Mountains and do some skiing and a lil pickin and a grinnin with yall. Keep up the good work. Diggin it!

  • Bluegrasser101

    Hi Bluegrass Blog!

    Something that flies is YOU, the Dusters. You fly back home to your wives and family after a long, arduous tour! Family time is the most important time after all!!

    I wish you the very best, boys!

  • ElectricCo

    I wish the geese around my workplace would do more flying and less messing up the sidewalks!

  • cekinner

    in central PA, the Mouflan flies about this time of year …

  • cindy77

    My heart flies every time we get ready to see the Dusters.. later in April will the 4th time in a year and half..every time is something new and different!

  • Badly coordinated dancers @ Grass Valley doing the riverdance 🙂

  • As the only creatures on God’s green Earth impervious to the whine and wail of my banjo practice, no see-ums fly up out of the ground, hungry for a taste of my elbow, ears, neck, and scalp.

  • Tony Pearce

    A “V” as in Flying V.

  • banjofritz

    Things that fly:
    bras hurled at the stringdusters from adoring fans

    you guys rock! See ya at swallow hill!

  • kim91570

    My daughter, Emma, who will soon be 10 has never flown anywhere and she wants to really badly. She loves you guys. She’s still young enough to listen to her mamma…and mamma knows best. We both love your music. Come back to the Down Home!

  • Fingers flying on a fiddle!

  • DiscontentStranger

    Logic and reason will sometimes fly out the window when a person is backed into a corner, made to feel guilty, or scared into believing that they have no other way out, thereby forcing them to give up hope & newfound happiness for a life of misery and pain. It’s very unfortunate, but it happens. At least, that’s what she said.

  • mustanggal99

    My amazing gymnasts fly all the time. They fly doing jumps on the trampoline, fly between the bars, fly across the floor on tumbling passes, fly down the vault runway and off the horse, and fly across the beam. Then they almost always land on their feet (but when they don’t it is almost always funny to them and us coaches).

  • A steam powered aeroplane, at least that’s what John Hartford says anyways.

  • spunkyscribblespr

    Dorothy in her Kansas tornado, on the way to Oz! She could use a banjo for the journey.

  • kaysef

    a penguin in a helicopter

  • Mitchell

    Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

    get it?

  • parrotzilla

    My Brain flies as it barrels down the slopes toward the Visulite on May 20th. can’t wait for the show.

  • Cam Bass


  • CaptnFreeze

    Things that fly.
    Time flies: time with the ones I love and are no longer here. Time with loved ones that have grown and left. Time flies way too fast for me the catch up.

  • whiteon30

    The rocket-powered X-15 plane, which the recently deceased Air Force General Robert White flew in to not only break the Mach 4, 5, and 6 barriers for the first time but also become the first winged aircraft to be flown in space, in 1962.

  • braccio

    Time flies like an arrow.
    Fluit Flys like a banana.

  • braccio

    Nuts! It appears that there were a couple of Groucho fans that beat e to this.

  • gregmclarke

    The rate at which time flies is inversley proportional to the length of the line at the port-a-johns.

  • ibcradio

    Well, my spirit flies when I hear the Stringdusters play!

  • sfbluegrass

    Saw the Stringdusters at the Freight in Berkeley, and man, the fingers of Jesse Cobb and Andy Falco were flying so fast!

  • Geno365

    The foul language flies from my lovely wife’s lips when I bring home yet another poor homeless instrument. (Oh yeah my stringed instrument phase is never one I outgrew in 48 years!)

  • mrmando

    The fur.

  • Geno365

    After 15 years of marriage and 40 odd years of gathering “homeless” stringed instruments, the foul language can still fly from my lovely bride’s lips when I bring home yet another.

  • blaze

    How about… a blue-tailed fly (like the one that victimized Jimmy Crack Corn)?

  • banjobub

    My thought go back to New Grass Revivals “fly through the country” album from 1975 and how exciting it was to hear this great band and their music, which got me hooked on progressive acoustic music. Today its The Infamous String Dusters who have put that same excitement back into todays acoustic music. Both groups have great musicians, mulitple vocalists and their arrangements are so distinct that you know instantly its a Dusters or Newgrass tune! Also both groups have great live shows! High energy, Entertaining and can jam out a tune that might even make Jerry proud!

  • linda emilie

    Jeremy Garrett’s fiddle bow!

  • KathyP

    Aside from the Delta flight that takes me to Colorado next week for some spring skiing, I have to say what flies is my memory sometimes. Not the long term stuff, but yesterday or last week stuff. I can remember posing for my kindergarten graduation picture but ask me what I made for dinner last night or where I was last week at 7 p.m. on March 20, no way. You’ve got to be kidding If some lawyer or detective asked me that, I’d be the No. 1 suspect.

  • blaze

    I remember when my mother used to make “Shoo-Fly Pie” (aka Crumb Pie)–my Dad’s favorite–how it would seem to FLY away before it even had a chance to cool!
    That recipe is practically extinct now, but if you like the taste of good old-fashioned molasses, I would be happy to share 🙂

  • EdCoyle

    Rivers down mountains and birds in the sky,
    times when they’re good and the years that go by,
    snow in the winter and bees to their hive,
    clothes at a swimming hole if she’s not shy,
    and Evil Kinevil, man can he fly….and the Coyle’s from Montana to Virginia in October for The Festy! Fella’s!!!!

  • pizzajohn07

    my brain flies to many wonderful and mysterious places when i listen to your music

  • ccruise

    How about wild turkey in the mountains. They look like they should not fly.

  • your mom flies.

  • RC

    What flies? Jesse Cobb’s mandolin playing!

  • blaze

    Through the window my thoughts fly
    Over the railing and into the sky,
    Fearless the unknown to dare:
    Limitless spirit, light as air.

  • tylercurtis

    Here’s my hopes at winning a copy:
    Things that Fly:
    A 747 as your watching those clouds go by…

  • Winstead

    Your music flies with me where ever I travel. It keeps me pumped!

  • brandon_brummett

    Umm Mr. Pandolfi’s fingers sure fly.

  • gdhinkle


  • mandogirl96

    News flies…like a wild fire. 🙂

  • mannyoda

    On 4/20, in celebration of the ‘duster’s 3rd album, I’m gonna let my freak flag fly!

  • JenRoss

    Things that fly? THE BURRITO BROTHERS… of course. Gram was a genius….

  • wildchild

    as we taxi down the runway ~ flight 50, forgetting her’s the nature of my flight……

  • gmault

    Things that fly??

    How about beer at a swallow hill show!!

    Or everyones attitude after setbreak of a Colorado Infamous Stringdusters show.

  • ShelTN

    If Monty Python is to be believed, a cow can fly.

  • jbeckwit

    African Swallows that migrate with coconuts.

  • becmurr

    Some flies up my chimney on a cold winter day

  • The Cuckoo Bird flies!


    The cuckoo she’s a pretty bird
    She sings as she flies
    She brings us glad tidings
    And tells us no lies

    She sucks all sweet flowers
    To make her voice clear
    She never sings cuckoo
    Till summer is near

    She flies the hills over
    She flies the world about
    She flies back to the mountain
    She mourns for her love

    The cuckoo she’s a pretty bird
    She sings as she flies
    She brings us glad tidings
    And tells us no lies

    recorded by Edna Ritchie, Jean Ritchie, Joan Baez, Clarence Tom Ashley, etc
    tune from Sharp, English Folk Songs

  • BuckeyeMark

    monkeys fly! LOOK OUT DOROTHY! Here they come with that infernal green witch! Back to the Yellow Brick Road!

  • Melanie Richardson

    Can a genuine old fashioned steam powered aero plane fly?

  • Ouija

    When I die, I’ll fly away.

  • Ouija

    High Flight

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there,
    I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air. . . .

    Up, up the long, delirious burning blue
    I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark, or ever eagle flew —
    And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

    — John Gillespie Magee, Jr
    (Read at Uncle’s funeral, WWII pilot)

  • BrentPL

    My grandmother’s teeth when she tried to blow out her birthday candles one her 75th birthday last year. I’m serious – you can’t make this stuff up.

  • codyfrost

    This cd is gonna fly right into my cd player and I cant wait to hear it!

  • AmandaLynnfan

    Things That Fly? Pigs invited to a bluegrass barbeque.

    Things That Really Fly? Jesse Cobb’s fingers on “You Can’t Handle The Truth”.