Wichita’s philosophy of bluegrass

This post is a contribution from world renowned podcast celebrity Wichita Rutherford. Be sure to visit his site 5MinutesWithWichita.com to listen to his weekly podcast featuring interviews with bluegrass stars.

Wichita RutherfordBluegrass is an important part of our lives. Some see it as a musical style that attracts those with rickets, rotten teeth, beer bellies and sideburns. Though 3 of those 4 assets describe me, I see it as a style that encompasses tradition, feeling, history and art as well as a way of life. Those with a larger frontal lobe and a university degree will define E=MC2 this way: “As an object approaches the speed of light, the energy of motion is converted into mass.” That is true. Those who listen to lots of Bluegrass tend to define it this way: “The faster something goes, the heavier it gets.” Now THAT my friend is true AND understandable. As a whole I think we grassers tend to see life, as complicated and uncertain as it may be at times, in its simplest and purest terms. In a more “organic” form if you will. When an aggravation arises we see it as just that. An aggravation. To other folks that aggravation is a “problem.” You might agree with my Dad who says “My back hurts, and it”s an aggravation. If I had a debilitating disease, now THAT would be a problem. Big difference.” When true Bluegrassers have disagreements with one another, they get together and they talk about it. They don”t have someone else step in and tell you what they think you”re doing is wrong and that the friendship means nothing to you because of this or that. They don”t get lawyers and such to fix it to their liking. When they hear you”re upset about something they”ve done or may not have done, they”ll call you up and say “Why don”t I come over there and let”s talk about this” or “Why don”t you come over hear and we”ll talk about this then go eat.” We have a way of getting around all the nonsense that most people see as inevitable. We have an outlook on life that allows us to take on adversity and smile about it and talk about it and when it passes, we can laugh about it most of the time. Its good to be alive. And its good to love Bluegrass. And its great to be a part of it. Don”t you think so?

Your pal,