Wichita’s philosophy of bluegrass – part 2

This post is a contribution from world renowned podcast celebrity Wichita Rutherford. Be sure to visit his site 5MinutesWithWichita.com to listen to his weekly podcast featuring interviews with bluegrass stars.

Wichita RutherfordEvery now and then I”ll run across somebody who seems to be missing something in their life. Oh they”ll be just fine with God and their family most of the time. But sometimes, you can just tell they”re missing out on something. I”ve found more often than not these folks are “Bluegrass-less.” By that I mean they don”t have any Bill Monroe, or Ricky Skaggs or J.D. Crowe or Mac Wiseman or any other Bluegrass music to “even them out.” What do I mean? Well, you know what I mean. We”re all Bluegrassers here. Go one week without your Bluegrass and you”ll feel just like them. You”ll eat more, you”ll be off balance a little, people won”t seem as nice and you won”t be as nice. The work day is longer, the food isn”t as good and the bad drivers get to you more easily. I”ve heard that music soothes the savage soul. That makes sense. However, I don”t think my soul is “savage” and calmed only by Bluegrass. I think Bluegrass “enhances” me and my life. It helps me feel about the world the way I”d like to. It helps me see how blue the sky is and how cold that creek water is when I”m drinking it. It makes a baby”s cry make me cry because I know what a sweet little thing it is. Its more than just music. “The Bluegrass way” is a philosophy if you get right down to it. It”s a way of seeing the world and acting and reacting to what it brings you every day. God just has to be a mandolin player. Don”t you think so?

Your pal,