Wichita Rutherford on TV

I had the opportunity to speak with podcast superstar Wichita Rutherford recently. Now Wichita is an interesting guy. He does podcast interviews with all kinds of people, especially bluegrass stars. He gives away free hams and scary movies. And he plays in a bluegrass band. That’s right, you may not have realized it, but Wichita himself is a bluegrass star. He plays in The Over the Mountain Boyz. It’s a bluegrass band led by Sherman Van Heffer. Now this band is unusual because they primarily play Ozzy Osbourne songs. That’s right, Ozzy done Bluegrass style. A while back Wichita let me see a video, kinda documentary style, that had been filmed about the band. Now he tells me this video is gonna be on TV! He said he was hoping it would be on this fall, but it may not be till spring. Those people at the TV station have their reasons I suppose, demographics, focus groups, ratings, and all that. They know what they’re doing. But Wichita was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

The movie has all kinds of stars in it like DOC WATSON, DEL MCCOURY, RICKY SKAGGS, VINCE GILL and some movie stars too. You think I’m kidding. Go take a look.

If you thought Wichita was precious, just wait till you meet Sherman!